You know life is bad when......

- Even sitting at the laptop for any amount of time seems like too much to do!

I can barely sit here for more than 5 minutes before I am crippled and need to change positions or something. Amelia is lying really strange and it hurts! I have an appt with the Doctor tomorrow. They are seriously like gold dust or something, he never wants to see me! They just totally let you go on your own here and I'm thinking to myself all the things that could be wrong that he is not checking for and worrying myself!
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  1. Betsy Says:

    :( Just think in a few short weeks it will all be over, and she will be so worth all the discomfort. :) I have more new pics up on my facebook if you wanna check em out. HUGS and belly rubs. Hope you get to feeling better. Try bouncing on a yoga ball for a bit, that got Alivia moved for me.