Some Baptism Photos

That's really just a selection. If you have me on facebook there are more there, but I didn't want to overload the blog with things.

We had a wonderful day - it made me really happy to be in Poland. I didn't think I could ever say that but I did, it has only taken me 10 months to get used to it all but I really do love this country now. Of course it was also great to be surrounded by my family and all my new friends I have made here too. Life really isn't so bad sometimes!

My life at the moment!

I know I haven't been keeping up so great and for that I really apologize. I miss blogging, I really do!

I have such a backlog of pics I just want to share with the blogging world I can't see to get moved on to. Being a Mommy of 2 is tough! But I will be back & I will get used to this. I'm just enjoying the last week with my parents here before they have to return home & then hopefully I will be back with all the wonderful stories of their time here and the new things the girls are doing! I just haven't had time for the net full stop recently.

Amelia still isn't sleeping great and I'm starting to get pretty tired with it. I've been feeling really lethargic and my Doctor has advised me to try and start gaining weight. I know, one month pp and already being told I need to put some on again. It's just hard when it seems all my battles are with gaining weight. However, I do know breastfeeding is not doing me any good and if I want to keep on breastfeeding I need to try.

So I've started on a new diet with more protein and carbs and things - I also hope I can get back into jogging soon because it helped me an awful lot before with building muscle and things. So wish me luck! I don't mean to be sickening but I often feel like my problems trying to gain any sort of weight must be the same as trying to lose it. I know that feeling of sheer desolation when nothing seems to work.

But I look back at pictures of me now before I got pregnant with Amelia and realize I was too light - the whole move and the stress took it out of me completely. I don't want to get that way again.

- Anna

Amelia's Baptism

Yesterday, Amelia got baptized. It was a wonderful day! My sister Lauren was and is still here for the longer weekend, it's great to have her here! I haven't seen my sister (and my best friend for that matter) in 2 years! She has never "met" either of my girls! So it's been a big meeting.

Everything went really well, Mia slept through the majority of the service & my family just sat there not a clue what was going on! But it was still nice to have them there. Yesterday was also Polish Mother's Day. So we got a meal & then went out to explore the city a bit more! I think / hope my Mom really enjoyed herself, she seemed to! I will be sure to be back with pictures later. My baby is a month old already & I can't believe it! It is just going so quickly. I want to skip back and have the whole first month over again, but I am excited for everything that lies ahead. I am so blessed.

Keeping up is so hard...

But we're all doing good & I promise I'll be back soon. Mia is doing fantastic already she smiles all the time and is a really great baby, I am so blessed!

Our week in photos!

Busy busy busy!

Life is so busy these days, just trying to get everything into a schedule. My Mom and Step Dad are coming tomorrow though and I honestly cannot wait to see them, I haven't seen them since Dakota was born so wow they are going to get a change when they see her and new little Amelia! :) They are staying for 3 weeks so I'm not sure I will be about for the next 3 weeks, but I will try to get on to at least post updated pics now and again!