2 months old!

Mia is now 2 months old. I wonder where those 2 months have gone, it truly does feel like yesterday I was fed up being pregnant and willing her out! But she is already growing so much, no longer like that little newborn I brought home! Here is her 2 month shot!

And for comparisons, here is Dakotas. I am starting to wonder why I always put her in hats for those photos, but she was pretty much bald. So Mia definitely beats her in the hair stakes!

Hugs for Mommy!

It's been strange for me the past few weeks. I have been feeling incredibly down about a couple of things - I honestly have no idea if it has to do with not being blog active, but it's a reasonable guess.

This place really is like my outlet, I love looking back at old posts and I have so many things I could post about right now, I just can't motivated. So I am honestly going to try harder :)
One day last week Dakota saw me looking down and came over and gave me a great big hug- I think it is amazing a child so small can understand and grasp emotions so well. I mean, I wasn't crying or anything, she just sensed it and came over to try and make me feel better. I know everything thinks their child is the greatest and smartest in the world, but I honestly do believe I have such a little bright spark in my life!
She is so affectionate with Amelia as well. She wants to help and do everything with her she can. I am just getting a post together of pictures of them together and the way Dakota treats her. She hasn't been jealous barely at all, she has her own baby and she burps it, changes its dipe & takes it out walks the exact same way as I do with Mia!
She is still my little wild child, I don't think I will ever calm that. But her maturity, just, shocks me. It's sad, yet so amazing to see her growing up and understanding much more every day!

Wordless Wednesday - Full of giggles!

We swapped their beds!

Dakota is now in her own big girl bed and Amelia is in the crib! So far, it's going great. Kota is taking it all in her stride and actually doing really well with having her own room, I even set up her own baby's "crib", so her room could be the same as ours! She is doing great with it. Mia was getting a bit big for the basket and she transferred to the crib really well, so well she slept for the longest stint yet (5 hours) last night! Yay!

A comparison!

Dakota at one month

Amelia at one month!

I think they look pretty alike. You can't really see there because Dakota had a hat on, but Mia has a lot more hair than she ever did at that age. Mia looks slightly longer and thinner than Dakota too, but I'm not sure how true that is because in my records Dakota was actually bigger than Mia is. I love doing comparison pics though, it's amazing to see the differences and similarities.