On breastfeeding

I am still breastfeeding Amelia and it is something so important & precious to me. I stopped with Dakota at around 9 months and have always regretted it - this time I hope to keep on going until Mia is around 2, or until she decides enough is enough and self-weans herself.

The bond we have whilst breastfeeding is something so amazing - I never imagined it would help us have such a great bond, for me to know that I am helping her grow, I am the reason for her getting so big & beautiful, for being such a healthy little princess.

Of course, it has its practical benefits too. The fact I have never had to worry about getting milk to the right temperature: heating and cooling and testing to make sure, my body produces it just right for little Mia. Also, it's there in demand, I've never had to panic that I don't have enough for her, or lug about too much on a day out! Also, the $$$ issue. My breastmilk is FREE, it's the best bargain I've ever got!

It has its difficulties too. As I am working more these days, sometimes I have to pump for Mia, but not often. I am very lucky my shifts at work are usually only 2-3 hours at a time, so I can nurse before I leave and when I come home. At the start it was difficult, it does hurt and I thought, my nipples are never going to make it. But now, completely fine. I thought once she started getting teeth she would start biting on me, but so far, nothing. She knows not to hurt her Mommy!

- Anna

2 Responses
  1. w Says:

    breastfeeding is a wonderful thing! and definitely the most practical!

    best wishes!

    and happy sits fest saturday!

  2. elisa024 Says:

    Hi Anna! Thanks for your comment on my blog, you are beautiful! And your LO too, of course.

    That is great you are still breastfeeding, we only nurse at night now :( I miss those long days snuggling on the couch!!!

    What brought you to Poland? :)