So, time for an update.

I'm going to spend today just updating on me, and my circumstances right now!

I have so much to tell you all about the girls and things, but I'll save that for another day.

Things are tough over here right now, I will admit that. We have definitely seen better days. I hoped by this time, start of 2010, we would have our own place and be making ways forward in our financial situation. Instead, we've taken a big step back. Daniel lost his job in September and is yet to find a new one.

He has became very depressed, I mean very. He refuses to leave the house and I don't really believe he is even searching for a job anymore. He has turned completely against me and it hurts me so badly. He is blaming me for our situation, telling me it is my fault and he even told me I have ruined his life. I'm trying to convince myself this isn't really him talking, this is not the man I know & love, but it's difficult. He keeps pushing me away and I am in a country where I do not speak the language and don't have my own family.

I have my own difficulties to deal with & I've been finding it very difficult to address them because I am worrying so much about him and the state of our marriage. He says he "doesn't need" to go to conselling, and who am I to force him? There is nothing I can do until he wants to help himself.

So, that's the back story right now. I will be back tomorrow hopefully on a happier note with an update on the little princesses!- Anna

2 Responses
  1. Suzi Says:

    oh gosh, Anna, I am so sorry... I cannot even imagine what you are going through right now! I will be praying for all of you to get through this difficult time!

  2. Betsy Says:

    my goodness Anna, my heart breaks for you. I had no idea. Know that you are still free to email me ANYTIME! :( You are in my thoughts and my prayers.