Update on Amelia!

My little baby is getting so big - I can't believe the last time I was posting on this blog, she was just a little newborn, and here she is now, only 2 months away from 1!

She is such a laid-back baby, nothing phases her, she just sits and watches her crazy big sister running crazily around and the house and giggles and smiles! When Dakota attacks her, she stands her ground but never lets it get to her. She's such a good baby, I have been so blessed with her.

Mia is a big girl for her age too! I've got 2 big girls on my hands. She is 23lbs and 29inches tall at 10 months, she's a big girl. Not JUST as tall as Dakota was at this age, but still a tall girl none-the-less.

She looks like her big sister a lot I think, especially when Dakota was younger - but Dakota is definitely more me and Amelia is definitely more Daniel. She has blonde hair too - it's adorable, I love my little blonde haired baby! I have a brunette and a blondie, no doubt there will be more than a few wars about which is best in the years to come!

Talking is coming slowly but surely - she's still just babbling a lot of the time, but she can say MAMA, DADA & KO-AH (Kota). Like Dakota, we're speaking both Polish and English to her so she will hopefully pick up both like her big sister seems to be doing.

Our most recent news is that we now have a walker. She is so laid back, I thought she would take a good bit longer than Dakota, who walked at 9 months. But here we are at 10 months, and it's all systems go! The past few days she has been chasing her sister round until her heart's content. There's no stopping her now!

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