We've had a fun few months. Everything is going great - I feel so blessed for everything right now because I am truly so lucky. I have a wonderful husband who has worked so hard to get everything back on track after the start of this year and who I am really beginning to fall so deeply in love with again after a tough year and the most beautiful girls in the world who make me smile so much every day. They are truly little princesses.

Of course I think my kids are the prettiest, smartest, most charming kids in the world. I'm their Mom, I have to. Disagree with me and I'll want to punch you in the face. It's a Mom thing.

Dakota is 3. She had a great birthday and is getting smarter every day. Of course she the smartest kid ever for her age. I would think that. But really, she's pretty smart. She's still wild and most definitely keeps me on my toes. She loves "exploring" and basically destroying everything in sight. Such a free spirit, LOL.

Pretty little Amelia is 18 months. She is the sweetest, kindest little one around. She idolizes her big sister, which is NEVER going to end well. But, it's cute for now. She's getting more confident at talking in English and Polish and is starting to try and form some sentences. Her antics make me laugh every day.

I'm ok, tired and working away - very excited for a trip home to Canada next month which I will be sure to try and update on the blog, so watch out for it.

Anna xx